lending collateral

Apart from the main lending product there was also a need for an internal dashboard for customer support, dashboard for pilot tracking and team morale, and a web calculator.

internal dashboard

Facilitated a design workshop for one of the engineering teams to come up with a dashboard that would be displayed on some of the large overhead displays around the company. The main goal was to track the pilot and increase morale with each new offer taken up by a customer. After they came up with some concepts I distilled them into a cohesive design and worked with an engineering pair to quickly prototype and get it live. All this happened in a few hours.

dashboard for customer/financial support

The customer support reps dealing with loan customers needed a dashboard to quickly get details on a customer. Worked with the teams to come up with a minimal dashboard that would provide just enough information to support the lending MVP. Also provided a bit of a framework so that the engineering teams could build upon it without my intervention.

Repayment and offer calculator prototypes

To aid the marketing team designing the page: tyro.com/business-loans